Friday, August 15, 2008

Lucky Duck

Disgusted with work the other day, I took my lunch outside by the pond. There is a bench off to one side, which, while sitting upon, you can see very little that is man made.

A duck swam by, seemingly disinterested in me. He came to the edge, hopped out, and began to eat the cherries which had fallen from the tree overhead. He seemed to swallow the cherry and spit the pit out in the same movement. Amazing.

Ever wonder about the origin of the term "lucky duck"? I think it is because ducks are natural born fliers and swimmers. I had to learn to swim, and have yet to learn how to fly. I can ride a bike, which I bet that duck can't do.

On a walk around the pond, I sampled some ripe blackberries, and saw several cherry and one apple tree. You could almost live off the land around here. Especially if you liked cherry-flavored duck!


brenda said...

They served "duck-a-la-orange" on our cruise. Cherry duck would probably be quite good. I hope you don't get any hate mail for that though :0) How about spotted owl stew?

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Every work place should have a place like that to unwind in. Good for your mental health.