Sunday, August 10, 2008

KoolAide Boat

Sailing with Rachel the other day brought back some vague memories childhood memories of the KoolAide boat.

Mom dug up a picture for me. Dad bought it with $80 and two cigarette carton ends he got from a checker. Pretty good investment, I'd say.

I have more memories of using it as a swimming pool than I do of sailing in it.

Any good memories or stories from the boat?


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

This picture is when it was new because Dad later wrote -Aid so it wouldn't be associated with cigarettes. This picture is probably Wolf Lake near East Chicago, Indiana and I think that's Neil because we always made him wear a hat.


Carl said...

I do remember swimming in it. I think it may have been the vehicle Dad and I were in when we floated past a nudist colony on the Willamette. I think I remember it cracking apart as well, probably due to swimming in it roughly. I remember the plywood insertable keel board.

brenda said...

I remember swimming in it, but can't think of any time boating in it.

How about the collapsible kayak? Any pictures of that? I remember you building it, painting