Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cheating with Friends

I've been tempted for a while to write a program to help with Words With Friends. Turns out somebody already has, so I challenged a friend to a "cheat on cheat" game. Carl and I ended up with a 900+ point game!

I averaged 34 points per word. Even with computer brains crunching the combinations, over a third of the words (10 / 29) were just three letters! I think where the computer excelled was finding the multiple word combinations, something I never spend much time attempting. You can see the dense pattern running up the upper left-hand corner.

While it was exciting to see the big points coming in (i.e. VOMICAE = 75 pts!), there weren't any of those epiphany moments when you know you found the killer word, by your self. And the game went too quick. I think we clicked it off in under an hour.

Now I just have to look up what "vomicae" means. Wait. Oh gross. Nevermind.