Sunday, September 25, 2011

Church History - Day Six

We awoke from our second night in Concord Township near Kirtland and packed for our flight.

First stop of the day was a stone quarry, which is about two miles south of Kirtland, where sandstone was cut for the Kirtland Temple. The quarry area was actually in the riverbed which must have made hammering it out a bit interesting.

We also stopped briefly across from the Lorenzo Snow home which is currently a private residence. As we sang Oh, My Father (on the bus) a dog came out in the yard to either sing along or warn us off.

The Johnson Farm is about 25 miles south of Kirtland and is another place the Prophet made as his home for a short while. It has a beautiful farm house where they have restored the original colors which were identified during restoring.

We had a late lunch at a Chinese buffet in Parma. Buffets are perfect places for tours because they usually have reserved area and we can all get our food rather quickly. This one had a number of unusual items like octopus, pig ear, and roasted beef stomach.

We returned to the Cleveland Airport for our flight to Chicago. We had to bid a fond goodbye to our tour guide and his family, as well as the bus driver and his wife. They had both become like family during our brief time together. In all, 18 people separated from the main group, including Neil and Pam. We were to meet the mew tour guide and the remainder of our group, which included Mike, in Kansas City.

We had a short flight into Chicago, a two hour layover, and another short flight to Kansas City where we met the new tour director Mike, a bishop from Salt Lake City, and John, the bus driver from Kansas City. It was a short drive to the hotel. John, who spends 200 days a year on the road, got to sleep in his own bed for the night.


Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Hey girls, love the hair! And you two are quite photogenic. :)

aliasgg said...

I concur! I was a bit younger than either of you when our parents took us on a similar tour. Well, similar in the places we went - it was just us in the family car, not plane/bus. Envy you the memories you're making with the "clan". My favorites of all of it was Niagara and Nauvoo. (And I got to return to Nauvoo several years ago courtesy of Don and Lois.) I hope my kids get there with their families one day!

Emily said...

I would like to echo Polly's comment: the girls' haircuts are so cute!

Cool pictures, got to see the 'rents Sunday and they mentioned the "sacred dog."