Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Church History Tour - Day 1

"All good adventures begin before dawn," is something I always tell the girls. This adventure started at 3:00 a.m. so we could pick up Grandpa, Grandma, Sheryl, and Jonathan, and make a 7:00 flight out of Portland. We met Brenda, Neil, and Pam at the airport while Mike and a friend shuttled our vehicles back.

We changed flights at Midway Field in Chicago, an airport I had never been through. Our second flight landed in Buffalo, NY, another new airport for me. We met the rest of the tour, already on the bus, and after a brief head count, departed for Niagara Falls.

The border crossing was interesting. There was a line of tour buses waiting, and when I was our turn, we had to unload and present our passports to the agents. Every one got asked one of several questions: What is your citizen ship, how long are you staying, and do you have any weapons?

Back on the bus, we travelled toward a Las Vega's like city-scape. We had a buffet dinner at a restaurant within a stones throw of the falls. It was already dark, and after dinner we drove along the falls which were lit with colored lights.

At the hotel, we unloaded luggage, got our room key (card) from the assigned "Key Sheriff", and headed up to our room.


Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Looks like it was raining. Hope things clear up.

Anonymous said...

Fun! Was it raining? Did Gma have an opportunity to use her new waterproof purse?


Chuck said...

How did you get away with not turning off and stowing your electronic devices? I love the time lapses in day one and two. Sounds like a lot of hymns.