Saturday, September 24, 2011

Church History - Day Five

A little latter start time, and not having to load the luggage on the bus, made for a pleasant start to the day.

Our first stop was Fairport Harbor on Lake Erie. It was overcast and windy, whipping the waves up like a normal day at the Oregon Coast. We stopped for pictures at the nearby lighthouse, and I couldn't locate my camera. After a brief search on the bus, I convinced them to return to the shore where I retraced my steps. We gave up, assuming it must be on the bus shomewhere. At the next stop, it was located in an overhead bin a few rows up, misplaced there by me, and I was quite embarrassed.

In Kirtland, we started with a visit to the Isaac and Lucy Morley Farm where Joseph and Emma lived for a time and where Josphep received numberous revelations. We met the another Mormon Heritage tour group at the Kirtland visitor center where we had a presentation by author (and other tour guide) Karl Anderson on the importance of the area.

Next, we went to the Kirtland Visitor Center where the Newel K. Whitney house and store are located. This is where Joseph and Emma lived for a while and where the School of the Prophets occured. The Church spent signiciant money and effort to get the road rerouted around the area so that the exibits, which include a sawmill and ashery can be visited safely. They have also put in a sidewalk up to the temple site.

The Kirtland Temple is owned by the Church of Christ, who have also made some significant improvements which include a new visitor center. They showed us a video, following which the curtains on large windows were drawn to reveal the temple, nicely framed by beautiful greenery.

The Temple is a remarkable piece of architecture both in size and workmanship. It was one of the largest buildings in Ohio when built. They asked us not to photograph the inside, but did let us sing The Spirit of God in the assembly hall, and I noticed the guide singing along with us. Janiel played piano and Brenda led. It was a marvelous experience.

Our final night together (as the first tour section), we were spared another buffet and instead had pizza delivered to the Kirtland Stake Center. It was a nice way to relax after a hectic day.

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