Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End of Camp Alpine as We Know It.

With the impending end of the world, we decided to spend it at out favorite place on planet earth, Camp Alpine.
The was our first outing of the season, and we took my oldest granddaughter along.

We practiced crossing fire spewing chasms on rope bridges.

And in case of zombies, evasive maneuvers.

And worked on the art of camouflage.

And defensive driving.

And ate emergency ration of hotdogs and smores at our temporary shelter.

All tiring work. With no sign of the apocalypse, we picked up some ice cream at Hazelnut Hill and returned home to clean up and get ready for church on Sunday.

I'm sure there will be more end of times to come. We don't mind practicing.


Imagitext said...

We'll be ready for the next time the world is supposed to end!

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

It's a good thing Grandma O. stayed home. She would have canceled camouflage class. Grandpa is so much more fun! :)

aliasgg said...

Don't forget to put October 21st on your calendar! And if all else fails, there's always a year from December 21st! Hummm. I think I'll wear a helmet when the 21st rolls around each month....

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Marvelous pictures. Looks like you had a GREAT time. Where is that rope bridge? Any other changes with the new missionary couples there?

Neil said...

Great post! But it you get twinkled while out there, be sure someone knows where to find a spare key so we can get the vanagon back to civilization.

brenda said...

That's where I'd want to be, too!

I wish I knew Ari better--looks like she's enjoying the mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful springtime.

darkfire said...

HAhaha, I can't believe I didn't see this until now. You certainly got some great pictures.