Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eugene Train Show

We took Dawson Station to the Eugene Train Show again. I did a much better job of getting kids involved this year, and my assistant was a big help. The layout got a lot of run time.

We met a lot of nice people, including someone who actually switched Hull-Oakes in the WPRR 1801 (he told me I had the engine facing the wrong way), and a McBee, as in McBee Memorial Park, as in helped Ralf Hull build the sawmill. I met a couple of people who recognized it as a "micro" layout, one who had seen it in Carl Ardent's website. He told me Carl passed away last month. Very sad. Hopefully they will keep his website alive as it is a trove of micro detail and he was a prophet. I also met someone who knew what an "Arduino" was, and shared his project with me which included an computer controlled RC car with live video. Very cool.