Monday, November 8, 2010

Dawson Station in the Walthers 2011 N & Z Scale Catalog!

A strange package arrived today. It contained the 2011 Walthers N & Z Scale Catalog, which I didn't remember ordering. I completely forgot I had sent in some pictures for their annual photo contest.

 I was the 2nd Place winner, on page 261. They didn't even pick my favorite shot. These were from my first attempt at extending the focal length by stacking images. In addition to the free catalog, which provides hours and hours of day-dream material, I was awarded $100. The check, signed by Mr. Walthers himself, was for $125. It took reading the small print about the check covering "any additional images" published before I figured it out.

A quick thumb-through found a second photograph on page 83 at the beginning the "Decals" section. That puts a pretty nice feather in my cap. I'm pretty much done promoting Dawson Station. For now it hides high in the garage.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

You sure had the Midas Touch on this whole odyssey into modeling and local history. Dad

Plus you're a creative writer! I hope you'll still bring it out for special occasions. And perhaps start a new project? Love, Mom

g said...

super cool, ken. looks like the flagship modeling publication. plus they paid you. couldn't be any better.

(and two classical references in a single comment. that's my kind of blogging, uncle eldon.)