Monday, September 27, 2010

Westy Outing #3

For our third outing, we ventured a bit farther afield, having gained a bit of trust in our steed. After touring the Tillamook Cheese Factory, we set out to explore the northern Oregon Coast.

We had heard it might be possible to camp on the beach at Pacific City. We found a couple of other Westies there, as well as "No Camping" signs.

We decided to play it save and drove north to camp at Cape Lookout State Park. It is a nice camp, very close to the beach. We survived a rainy, windy evening, qualifying us as members of "WetWesties", a group billed as a "Pacific Northwest Camping Society".

We found another cool beach called Terria del Marr. We did get stuck, as reported here, but had a great time anyway.

Only a full-blooded Oregonian could enjoy cold surf like this!


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

I love the new leader picture on your blog--the Westie in the moonlight.
that was fun to watch Ann Marie daintily tripping along in the water.

g said...

looks like a lot of fun--minus the cold water.

Neil said...

must be a blue-blooded, or blue-toed oregonian to endure that water! Cool times