Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Outing in the Westy

We had our first shake down cruise in the Westfalia. The destination of course, was our beloved Camp Alpine. We had to share it with a Ward from Eugene, but stayed in Nauvoo and had that area to ourselves.

It was  beautiful evening with lots of stars. And glowsticks. And smores. With five bodies, it was pretty cozy in the van. I'm sure it is similar to the quarters on the space shuttle, with the exception that they can't open a window for fresh air or step out and stretch their legs. Ann Marie ended up sleeping on a mat on the floor, something she says she doesn't want to do again. Polly reported it was more comfortable than the cabins at Heber Valley.

The pond was drained, and with mom on site, there was no mud bathing or newt roundups. A new sign shows a small step in the relentless march toward "Heberness".

There was still plenty of wildlife to observe and play with. Ann fearlessly captured a small snake. Dad found a few lizard friends who were willing to pose for photos. This one eventually gave Robin a love bite before being returned to the wild.

We explored the Christmas tree farm area with an eye toward camping there in the future. The caretaker reports that they are fully booked for next season and have a waiting list. They are considering "doubling up" and having two girl's camps at once in the future.  A separate "family" camping area like Eldon is proposing would sure come in handy.

Griz, the camp mascot, came by to meet Polly after the other campers left and the caretaker let him loose for us. He seemed happy to see us, but I'm sure he does that for everyone he meets.

Another "having fun is hard work" picture. We drove to Alsea Falls in hopes of finding an open camp site on Labor Day weekend, but without luck. Instead, we continued on to Alsea, bought a half-gallon of hazelnut ice cream, and headed home to sleep in our own beds. A short, but successful cruise.


Sweet Polly Purebred said...

The last picture cracks me up. How anyone can sleep like that is beyond me.

For future visits: the lizard community (saw at least 4) was at Sariah's shelter.

Gail said...

Another ending pic that made me laugh! I googled "Heberness" to make sure I was laughing appropriately, and I'm pretty sure and will pretend I got it, since the only other listing for it came up under Scientology....

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Sounds like fun. Things change. But we have our memories.

Neil said...

Heberness may be harder for Utahn's to recognize. I got 9 hits on google, with Bugled being the top. The scientology one was also satirical. Precious.
Looks like a great time!

brenda said...

Shoot! I can't believe they are requiring "common sense" for the zipline. It runs just fine without. And doesn't it seem like all Olsens should have their own key???

I have never in all my years seen lizards there. Too cool.

And congrats on the camper van. Here's to many adventures to come!!!