Saturday, April 17, 2010


Yet Another Train Show. It was a Divisional Mini-meet for the Pacific Northwest Region of the National Model Railroading Association in Roseburg, Oregon. There were 35 – 40 people in attendance. When people “under 50” were asked to stand, there were only three of us. This is an old man’s hobby.

There was a modeling contest similar to the Pacific Model Logger’s Conference, albeit much smaller. Dawson Station won both its category, “miscellaneous”, as well as best in show, which came with enough cash to cover gas money. After the award, I gave about a ten minute presentation of the layout with a question and answer session. Talk about being put on the spot. At least I was given a heads up, and had a practice run with the cub scouts a while back.

More important than the competition, I had the layout judged for the NRMA’s Achievement Program for Prototypical Models. Think old man’s merit badge. Four of the Division’s senior members reviewed the layout with consideration as to how it captured the look and feel of Hull-Oakes. I had to document every aspect, and provide photos of Hull-Oakes and my layout taken at the same angles. To give you an idea of how thorough they were, they caught a major detail I had over looked, the chip hopper near the lunch shack. You can see my documentation here.

Also memorable was having lunch with probably the oldest member there. He has macular degeneration, and so couldn’t see much of what was going on. When we got back, I gave him the audio tour of Dawson Station which now includes not only the mill sounds, but frogs and a dog barking at night. Prototypical frogs, mind you.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Congratulations! So did you win the merit badge? The documentation is impressive. That's cool to see the real thing and the model juxtaposed. Very impressive. Did one of your sidekicks go with you to this event?

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Ken, Your model is so realistic it is hard to tell which is the real thing and which is your model when you presented the documentation. The puzzle element puts this into the stratosphere in quality. "Wingman"

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

So modest. He didn't let me know how things went. I HAD to ask.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I checked out the documentation document. I agree with the other comments that it is hard to tell which is the model and which is the reality. I think the graffiti in the model looks more real than the real graffiti. -Carl