Friday, March 26, 2010

Kenernet Film Festival

Every time I see a video I think my kids should see, I add it too a list. Here are some recent entries. I've embedded a short one to whet your appetite.

Amazing Animals:
2nd Largest Aquarium Screen Saver in the the World

Amazing animals:

Praying Mantis Vs. Humming Bird

Story of bottled Water:

How I fell in Love with a Fish

Saving the world with gaming

Weird Al Documentary

Rube Goldberg music video from OK Go

Music from Electronics

Space / Technology:
Robot needs a little human help

Girl Power: Ada Lovelace

Powers of Ten

Networking in Space

Solar Eclipse

TED top 10

Odds & Ends:
Attack of the Giant Stuffed Bears

Commuter Dreams: (Portland Tour de France)

Srikumar Rao on Happiness (video is in English).

Streets don't have names. Trivia about perspective

Terminus - Stalked by your imagination

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