Saturday, December 5, 2009

Have you seen what they did to Abe?

Polly just showed me a new penny. There are four different designs on the back for 2009, followed by one more in 2010. They haven't messed with the penny in 50 years. At least they are leaving old Abe alone on the front.

And, if you think your state quarter collection is finished at 50, I've got more bad news. There are also six new quarters floating around, the only one of which I've seen is Guam.


Neil said...

I liked the new nickles and some of the state quarters because they were cool designs. But I'm of the opinion that we should get rid of any coins who's production cost approaches their face value. The biggest benefit I get from having a penny is being able to use it to keep from getting more pennies in change.

Ken said...

So true. I think it is just nostalgia keeping it alive. You can't even get a gumball for a penny now.