Saturday, December 5, 2009

FlockDrawing Awesomeness

I stumbled across something so cool, I'm violating my "post-a-day" rule. It may or may not working because of being overwhelmed by popularity. This is basically a "shared white board". Go ahead, draw on it (click here to pop it out and get the drawing controls on the right side):

You can draw the same time as someone else.
Get your own board at:
Perhaps the coolest part is that it is so simple it doesn't need instructions!

I'm GEEKED OUT! I was preview my post, when someone started writing on it. "Who is there?" I wrote on the board. "I just posted this!"
"^_^Creator" was the response.
"Is this cool or what?", I ask.
"yeah, I spent six weeks making it. better be cool :P".

So I got to chat with the creator! It's been up a week and has gotten 50,000 unique visitors. I got a few technical details out of him. Here is a screen shot of the board (i consider it a historic artifact now):

Here is what Ann Marie was doing at the time:

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