Saturday, November 21, 2009

Merit Badging @ Dawson Station

They had a District Merit Badge Clinic at our chapel on Saturday. My friend Roy was doing railroading, so I invited myself along. I had just finished the plexiglass cover and new backdrop.One of the requirements involve doing a shunting puzzle. While one scout ran the layout, another worked a problem on the computer. Most of them caught on pretty quick. Only one was able to complete the computer version (mine is a bit easier).

Roy is an "O-scaler" and has quite a Lionel collection. The scouts helped set it up, wire it up, decorate, and run it.

Part of the merit badge is knowledge of the different scales. Here my N-scale WPRR 2302 "Adair Village" contrasts Roy's O-scale FA unit. Most of the kids were familiar with HO-scale, which is in between.

They gave my layout a good test. They seemed to enjoy it, and nothing got broken. A good day all around! I was glad for a chance to show it off.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Good warm up for our Cubs in December!

Neil said...

Nice job! Let me know next time they do that- Zachary is always looking for more merit badges. The clinics they do here aren't so high-tech as to offer model railroading!

Frodanzer said...
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brenda said...

How cool! I can't believe all the merit badges there are.

We miss you today and hope you're having a good thanksgiving!