Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Smiths

We didn't have to travel far for Thanksgiving dinner this year. It was just next door.
June put out a great spread. Of course having two ovens, two adult daughters, and three willing grandchildren to assist helps.
Burt and Carol came from Idaho. It was the biggest Smith gathering in a while.
We even watched some football! How is that for a crazy holiday?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Merit Badging @ Dawson Station

They had a District Merit Badge Clinic at our chapel on Saturday. My friend Roy was doing railroading, so I invited myself along. I had just finished the plexiglass cover and new backdrop.One of the requirements involve doing a shunting puzzle. While one scout ran the layout, another worked a problem on the computer. Most of them caught on pretty quick. Only one was able to complete the computer version (mine is a bit easier).

Roy is an "O-scaler" and has quite a Lionel collection. The scouts helped set it up, wire it up, decorate, and run it.

Part of the merit badge is knowledge of the different scales. Here my N-scale WPRR 2302 "Adair Village" contrasts Roy's O-scale FA unit. Most of the kids were familiar with HO-scale, which is in between.

They gave my layout a good test. They seemed to enjoy it, and nothing got broken. A good day all around! I was glad for a chance to show it off.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Albany P & W Engine House Tour

As part of the Espee in Oregon annual convention, we got to tour the Portland & Western Engine House in Albany, Oregon.

Engineer Robin listening in on the safety briefing.

PNWR1851 "Hillsboro" SD-9 and PNWR1853 "Forest Grove" SD-7.

An unusual view of the underside of PNWR2301 "Sheridan" GP39-2.

PNWR3052 SD40-3 and PNWR2301 Sheridan GP39-2.

Photo op: PNWR1854 "Beaverton" SD-9 in fairly fresh paint. Smitty is on the right.

A "less fresh" PNWR1501 SD-7 which thrilled the "foamers" by starting up while we were there. This engine was built in 1952 and has been in service for 57 years!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Five Model Railroad Layouts in Adair?

Espee in Oregon held their annual get together in Corvallis this year. They arranged tours of four HO-scale model layouts in the Adair area. One was a club layout (which I had seen), and three were room-sized home layouts.

Sawmill on CSME Club's multi-room layout.

Rounding the bend on Gene Neville's workshop Layout.
Ken Roth overseeing visitors at his attic layout. (He had Ann Marie looking for a scale model kitty)
Blueprints of Jerry Boudreaux's award-winning basement layout.

And of course, I wanted to show mine.
Not quite a rooms worth, but far more complete. And they didn't have to try to find my house (I brought it to them).

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend photos

Maia playing soccer

This years pumpkin art.

Visiting after Sydney's baptism.