Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dawson Station on the web

At work I do a lot of "proof of concept" work. It consists of writing enough of a computer program to prove that an idea will work. After getting featured on a popular "Small Layout" website, I was getting a lot of interest in my model railroad layout and wanted somewhere to point the people who wanted to learn more. I had this idea that you could use a blog as a website. Here is my proof of concept:


It is easy to update, load photos, and can collect visitor questions and comments. Doing the navigation on the right side takes some html skill, but not much. Keeping the "Introduction" post date the most recent keeps it showing up for the base URL.

Works for me! Now I don't have to bore you with the minutia of the layout.

P.S. The pictures are a sneak peak from a photo I submitted for a magazine contest in April '10. They were not the center of focus, so are a bit blurry, but if you picture the vehicles as being size of a quarter, well, you get the picture.


velvetelement said...

That looks awesome Ken, good job and good luck with getting in the magazine!

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Let us know if it gets published.