Saturday, September 26, 2009

DARE to be kind

I had a surprise email the other day. Someone had seen my Hull-Oakes railroad videos on Youtube and was impressed enough to want to send me a gift. He had purchased two N-scale versions of one of the chip cars in the video and sent me one!
This car, like the Duck and Beaver cars, is one of a kind. I knew someone had produced a model of it at one time, but I had only seen it in HO scale, and had given up on finding one for my layout (they only make a limited number). He told me I would have to add my own graffiti, which believe it or not, can be done with decals.
I offered to give him a personal tour of my layout, assuming based on our common interests, that he lived in the Willamette Valley. He declined, claiming he lived in Illinois, so I'm going to do a video of it staring the new addition for him.

So, many thanks, Bob from Illinois.

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