Sunday, December 28, 2008

Railroading for the Holidays

Besides doing some photo editing for mom, I've been doing some video as well. Not that I expect you to watch all of it, but I've "Youtubed" some footage I shot of railroad operations out to Hull-Oakes back in 2006. They quit running the train out there last year because the tracks were falling apart, and since WPRR leased them, they didn't want to fix them, and of course the lease holder (SP, then UP) certainly didn't want to put any money into it. Catch-22, with Hull-Oakes catching the brunt of it.

Anyway, kind of the end of an era. Maybe of interest to the cousins. I've also been working a bit on my model train, but that is a whole different post...

Part II -

Part III -

(Still working on Part IV)


Neil said...

I used you as an example in my lesson yesterday of someone who never stops learning. I wouldn't know a covered hopper from a coal car, let alone an Inglenook problem. I thought I could hear your "crew" occasionally in the background- what troopers!

brenda said...

Watching the trains go by is one thing, but actually documenting it puts you in a whole other realm. The realm of the super-nerd. I'm proud to be related to you.