Thursday, October 2, 2008

What TV Shows to Watch This Season?

Its a new season of shows on TV. What are you guys watching?
Here is what we are so far:

With the kids:
My Name is Earl (questionable)

Ken, Without the kids:
Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles
The Unit

Looking into:
Night Rider (questionable)
Pushing Daisies


Imagitext said...

So I'm not a kid anymore?

g said...

is this 'night rider' related to the old talking car show?

(or was that 'knight rider'?)

we're going to be watching macgyver season 4 on dvd. no commercials for one thing. and less anxiety from week to week.

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Watch TV? ;)

Gail said...

Chuck - yes!
Earl, no question on the questionable.
LIfe - yes!

brenda said...

I like Pushing Daisies, even though I've only seen a handful of episodes. The blonde, Olive, is Kristin Chenowith, who sings the part of Galinda on our very favorite album, the Wicked soundrack.

We like the Office and I like 30 Rock. (Not kid-friendly) I"ll have to check out Chuck.

With all our kids on an early school schedule this year, I've been getting them down by 8. I do let them stay up late sometimes on Sundays to watch ABC's extreme home makeover. We also got the first couple seasons of Monk on DVD for the family. Sydney is going to get the second season of Little House for her birthday. (shh...)

Keep us posted with your reviews!

(I saw that ABC online has full episodes of the A-team!)