Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scratching the Programing Itch

There is a cool little language called "Scratch", which is build using Squeak, which is a version of SmallTalk. Got it? Good. Anyway, it is basically a "Lego" approach to programming for kids (and kids at heart) from the brains at MIT. Very easy, very fun, and very capable. Here is the result my my first attempt:

Press the space bar to hear the cat. Cool, eh? Here was how it was built:

On the left are the "building blocks". In the middle are the program steps. On the right is the output. You can actually change the program while it is running, and see the immediate results. Well, it impresses me anyway.

And, no. This is not what I'm doing at work! I'm learning Linux, Python, and something called Enterprise Available Software Applications.

And yes, I got carried away with the hyperlinks!


Imagitext said...

I wondered what in the world you were doing last night. Ann Marie told me to stop because I was space bar happy.

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

The dog is going ballistic! LOL!!! Every time the cat meows she sticks her nose under my computer and sniffs. She keeps barking and acting like she's going to jump on the bed.