Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Following Blogs

Seems like family blogging in blooming! Here are a couple of trick to keeping up with it all:

First, the key to subscribing to a blog is getting the "subscription URL". Most of us are using Blogger, and at the bottom of the blog's home page, there is usually a link labeled "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)". If you right-click on it (sorry Mac users, you'll have to figure it out), and select "copy shortcut", you end up with something similar to this for my blog on your copy/paste clipboard (in memory):

There a a couple of things you can do with a subscription URL. If you like the the blog list I have on the right side of my page (I'm calling it "blogiptions"), you can add one to your blog in the following manner:
  1. From your blog page (while signed in), select "customize" up at the top.

  2. Select "Layout" tab, and then "Page Elements".

  3. Select "Add a Gadget" from your side bar or bottom bar.

  4. Select "Blog List", select your options.

  5. Click "Add to List" at the bottom.

  6. Add the subscription URL you copied from the blogs home page (see earlier instructions).

If you would like a central place to read postings without going to each page, you can use Google Reader ( You still need to add the subscription URLs by clicking on the "Add Subscription" link and URL like above. Actually, if you populate your Google Reader first, then you can have Blogger import the links for your Blog List and avoid the long procedure above!

There is a new feature for called "Followers". From your Dashboard ( while signed in), you have a "reading list" toward the bottom. Click "Add" and paste in the subscription URL from above. You call also add a "Followers" Gadget to invite people to follow like you see on my blog.

Finally, probably something most of you know, when you make a reply to a post, there is a box to select if you want to get follow up e-mails. It is normally unchecked. If you check it, it will send you a email whenever someone posts to that specific topic.

Good luck following. Let me know if the instructions trip you up. Blog at ya latter!


Imagitext said...

What's up with the flower? I will see you latter...If you come home again.

Ken said...

Dang, this blog is only a few minutes old and it already has a reply. I must be building a following!

"Family blogging is blooming". Get it? I like having pictures. It was a stretch.

The LHC experiment went without a hitch, but then again, all they did was run some protons around the track. They didn't actually do any colliding. There is supposed to be a webpage where you can go to find out if the world ended. I can't find it, but reportedly all it says is "NO".

Imagitext said...

My gosh, I'm dense!

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

I don't understand what "follow" means in the blogging world. I may just have you straighten things up next time you visit.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Rachel, are you spelling "later" with 2 t's just to be funny or to be perverse?


Imagitext said...

Both and uh the name please.

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Sorry. I forget you want to remain incognito.

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Dear, are you trying to get me to stop using your blog to check up on everyone else? ;)

darkfire said...

How come you are using the "subscription URL" instead of just the one for their page?

Other than that, it worked well. Thanks

darkfire said...

Oh yeah, and in the list on your dashboard,does it always have to have 50 blillion entries? I only want the NEW ones.

Ken said...

darkfire is right, you can just use the blog address.

Also, on the reader, there is a "mark all as read" button. The new items show up in bold.

Imagitext said...

How come you took Love me Dead off your platlist? You got me wanting to hear it when you kept humming it and you don't have it anymore. It's odd how we talk more on the computer then at dinner.

velvetelement said...

Thanks for the tips!

brenda said...

FINALLY, thank you for explaining all that! I'm going to try to set mine up as soon as I get some free time--which will be Friday, I think.

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Why are you on blogation? I've missed you postings.

Any news on a new job?