Friday, July 11, 2008

The Sister Missionaries, Scene 2

Scene 2 - "Hard of Hearing" – (Grandma)
Missionaries are tracting door to door.

M2 – O.K., you take this one? (She immediately knocks and then steps behind M1).

M1 – Um, I'm not sure I'm . . . . (door opens)

Woman (or man) – What, what do you want?

M1 – Hi, were from the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latterday Saints.

Woman – What? You came for ladders and paints? I don't have any of those.

M1 – (Holding up Book of Mormon) No, I'm sorry. We have a message about the Book of Mormon.

Woman – No, no one here named Norman. You might try next door.

M1 (to M2) – Remember doing I'm a Child of God in sign language for Primary? I'm going to try that.

M1 starts to try and sign a message . . .

Woman – Don't start flappin you hands at me young lady. Here, let me adjust my hearing aide. (she smacks the side of her head with her hand). There, thats better. Now, what is it you want?

M1 – We're from the Church of ...

Woman – Oh, dear, there it goes again. (she smacks her head several times). Why don't you girls come back latter.

M1 – (Very loud) O.K, we will. Thank you!
M2 (as they walk away) – What a crazy of lady.

Woman (from off stage) – What was that?

M1 – We were just admiring your daisies.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Loved being in this skit.


Ken said...

You were the only one who had lines memorized. Next time we'll have some rehearsals, and maybe a set too!