Monday, July 7, 2008

The Sister Missionaries, Scene 1

The Sister Missionaries - A short play by the Olsen Family.

Scene 1 – Baltimore. Early morning, outside on a side walk or inside their appartment, two sister missionaries are trying to decide how to start their day. . .

*Missionary #1. Sister Gungho. This is her first area and she is excited and ready to start teaching.
*Missionary #2. Sister Shorthawl. Late in her mission. She has been in Baltimore too long and has yet to have a baptism.

M1 – So where are going today. Can we do some tracting?

M2 – Oh, I was thinking we could stop by the McBride’s house for a bit. The're are nice members of the church and they always have some freshly baked brownies for us.

M1 – Do they have any non-member friends we could teach?

M2 – Um, I don’t know. We’ve never asked.

M1 – It’s a bit early in the morning for brownies. How about we do some tracting?

M2 – Well, the only area we haven’t tried lately is Dreary Hill. We’ve been avoiding that area. The last set of missionaries that went tracting there got mugged.

M1 – Mugged? Well, remember, Elder Oaks said that missionaries are eight times safer than their friends at home.

M2 – I don’t think Elder Oaks has ever been to Dreary Hill.

M1 - If it is as bad as that, there must be someone who needs to hear the message of the gospel. Let’s go find someone to teach.

M1 grabs M2’s hand and pulls her along in a determined manner.

M2 – (Grumbling under her breath) It is going to be a long day . . .


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

How do you get appropriate background music to play? I hope you publish the other scenes too. I think it's neat Robin wants to be a missionary, but if Mr. Right comes along first, that'll be good too.


brenda said...

Oh, good. I was going to ask you for a copy.

brenda said...

During the OPB Jane Austen marathon on Saturday, I watched a version of EMMA with an actress who reminded me SO much of Robin. I need to find a copy for her.