Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Shoes, Tired Feet

I was reading an article by a foot doctor in a walking magazine the other day. He asserted that modern day shoes are designed to support our feet so well, that they make them weak. The raised heels and inflexible soles keep the feet from working and adsorbing shock they way they should.

I've been told by a physical therapist that I had the "floppiest" ankles they'd ever seen. Ankle trouble kept me from running as much as I would have liked to. I was told there was nothing I could do except get shoes with more support. I was also told they would get worse over time.

Anyway, I bought these Converse One-Stars the other day on a whim. I had something like them when I was a kid (white Converse All-Star high tops, IIRC). These were only $8, and met the doctors description of good shoes in that they have a flat, thin, flexible sole with no support. I didn't realize at the time, that they are similar to what the new Doctor Who wears (see the video). The stars and stitching were white, but I took colored Sharpies to them. CUSTOM!

After wearing them all day, my feet are tired. That is good, I think. Maybe they'll whip my floppy ankles into shape.

Can you picture me running a race in these? I might start a trend!


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

As a shoe lover from way back (my great grandfather was a shoemaker), I found your post most interesting. I went to a podiatrist once in San Diego with foot pain and he said I needed a firm support not soft, and recommended Superfeet inserts. Just wearing bigger shoes helps too.

My love of shoes can lead to clutter. I have ex amount of shoe shelf space so whenever I buy a new pair, an old pair goes to Goodwill.

brenda said...

I used to wear converse but now find that my back aches more if I wear shoes without enough support. I'm sure there is something to that theory though. Wasn't there an olympic runner who raced barefoot?

Ken said...

Back aches? No wonder I'm hurting. I've only been wearing them every third day or so, but my back is killing me, again. And I wore them into work today.

There have been a number of famous barefoot runners. There was an OSU runner who won the National XC title running barefoot, in the snow!